Love Your Clean Carpet!

Carpet cleaning seems pretty simple. Rent a machine. Fill the tank. Pour in some detergent. Flip a switch and start cleaning. Before long, your carpet is clean and fresh. However, as anyone who has actually cleaned carpet knows, there’s more to it than that.

Some of the most common questions from customers are: Will the spots come back?, Will these stains come out? Will the traffic area look better after the cleaning?

The answers to these questions depend on several factors. Carpets are made with a variety of fibers each with its own cleaning characteristic. Various styles such as loop pile, shag and velvet plush all respond differently to foot traffic. The quality and density of the carpet pile also determine how well a carpet performs in traffic areas. Even the way the pile yarns are twisted and how tight they are can make a differnce in durability and cleanability.

An experienced carpet cleaner assessing the condition of your carpet will likely ask – “How old is the carpet?”, “When was it last cleaned?”, “Was a protector applied during the last cleaning?”, ” Have you applied anything to the spots, spills and stains?”.

While carpet cleaning is not an exact science, the most important consideration is the type of fiber.

Wool carpet has excellent resilience, so those crushed traffic areas and furniture indentations┬áhave a good chance of coming out. Wool is more easily stained by proteins so some foods are really difficult to remove. Olefin carpets don’t have the same resilience so high traffic areas tend to pack down and loose that fluffy texture over time. However, olefin has excellent stain resistence. Nylon carpet is very stain and soil resistence. However, depending on how the fibers were dyed, nylon may be bleached by household chemicals or sunlight.

The bottom line is that how the carpet looks after cleaning will depend on some factors that are out of our control. But with an experienced cleaner you can be assured of the best results possible for your carpet. Call B/P Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to schedule your next cleaning service.

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