Want to get tough dirt out?

Did you know that carpet cleaning is a profession based on scientific principles of chemistry and physics? The ability to effectively clean carpet requires an understanding of four basic principles of soil suspension: Chemical Action, Heat, Agitation and Time – also known as CHAT.

Chemical Action – Water is used in cleaning because of how it reacts with many soils. While water does the majority of work in cleaning, it alone is not very effective on oily or greasy soils. We need specialty cleaning agents to dissolve some of the more difficult soils like food, grease and petroleum oils found in such items as make-up and ink. We need very little cleaning agents to get great results. In fact after dilution, we are actually using about 99% water. We use just enough cleaning solution to break down soils. This assures that we leave no unwanted residue.

Many untrained cleaners subscribe to a “more is better” mentality so they tend to overuse cheap, harsh detergents that leave a residue. This is one reason why carpets get dirty quickly after untrained carpet cleaners do the job.

Heat – Heat helps cleaning agents work better and faster. Applying a heated cleaning solution makes cleaning more efficient, so we use less detergent. Heat also helps to liquefy oily, greasy and sticky soils, suspending them into the cleaning solution for effective removal.

Agititation – Agitation makes cleaning more efficient by helping distribute cleaning agents for better penetration. By agitating the cleaning solution into your carpet, we suspend soils and lifted matted carpet yarns for better cleaning.

Time – In order for a cleaning agent to work well, it needs “dwell time” to penetrate into the carpet yarns and break down stubborn soils. We make sure we allow the product to work so soils are completely dissolved for removal.

All of this is why after B/P Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning visits, you can expect fluffy, fresh-smelling carpets that stay cleaner longer!


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